Unstick Yourself!

2020 has most of us feeling stuck! We are feeling in limbo with our lives and the near future, and all out of sorts. This exercise is very helpful for mindfulness and to get us into action which helps us take steps to become unstuck!

Anytime you feel paralyzed or not sure how to move forward with a goal or situation, answer the 5 questions below and brainstorm ideas. Then, choose 3 actions to start moving forward.

What is your goal and how would you like things to be different?

*Identify at least 3 answers for each question.

*Don’t think — read the question and stick pen to paper!

What could you STOP doing?

What could you do LESS of?

What could you do MORE of?

What could you CONTINUE doing?

What could you START doing?

What actions will you take now to empower yourself, get unstuck, and get in motion? Choose actions that are easily do-able and write them in the space below…

FIRST ACTION — __________________________________(something you can do RIGHT now before the end of today)

SECOND ACTION — __________________________________ (complete by when this week?)

THIRD ACTION — _____________________________________ (complete by when this month



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